SQL Server 2005 Full Text Searching at the Huntsville Alabama Code Camp

My third and final presentation for the Alabama Code Camp 6 is “Introduction to SQL Server Full Text Searching”. Here are the materials I’ll be using during the demo.

First, here is a PDF of the PowerPoint slides:

Full Text Search Power Points

Next, most of the demos used SQL statements. This PDF file has all of the SQL plus some associated notes.

Full Text Search Demo Scripts

Finally, I did a WPF project that demonstrated how to call a full text search query from a WPF Windows application. Annoyingly enough WordPress (who hosts my blog) won’t let me upload ZIP files, so I renamed the extension to pdf. After you download the file to your drive, remove the .pdf and put the zip extension back on, then it should expand all the source for you correctly. (Yes, I know, I really need to get a host server for binaries, one of these days I’ll get around to it, but for today…)

Source for WPF Demo

Introduction to SQL Server Integration Services – Huntsville Alabama Code Camp

My second post of the day at Alabama Code Camp 6 in Huntsville is “Introduction to SQL Server Integration Services”.

The slide deck is here: Intro to SSIS Slide Deck

The “cheat sheet” or script I used to do the demo is here: Script for doing the SSIS Demo You can step through it to recreate all of the things I did in the demo today.

Finally here is the finished project. It’s actually zipped, but my current host doesn’t like zip extensions so when you download it change the extension from txt back to ZIP. Finished SSIS Project

The Developer Experience

In case you’re wondering why the slowdown in the blog this week, I’ve been spending all my free time getting ready for Alabama Code Camp 6. My first presentation of the day is “The Developer Experience”. It’s chock full of practical, low cost (or even free!) ways to make your life as a programmer more productive.

As promised in the session, here’s the complete PDF of my slides:  The Developer Experience