Thanks for coming!

I just wanted to thank everyone who took the effort to come to the presentation I did tonight on SQL Server Compact Edition at the Birmingham Dot Net Users Group ( ). It was a small crowd but very engaged, all in all a very enjoyable evening for everyone.

As promised, here is a link to the Power Point presentation (in PDF format) I used during the presentation:

SSCE presentation for BUG.Net group

The complete C# and VB.Net code samples were posted April 13th, 2007:

And finally, the series of posts I mentioned on system Views started with this post on April 16th, 2007:

If you want to see all of my SSCE posts, simply click the SQL Server Compact Edition tag over in the categories area, or use this link:
Thanks again to  everyone, I had a great time and hope came away with a better understanding of SQL Server Compact Edition.


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