After listening to last weeks DotNetRocks episode with Scott Stanfield ( ) I took at look at Grok Talk ( ). This is a great site filled with a lot of video training material.

The cool thing is each video is a mere 10 minutes in length. This is awesome for the busy programmer on the go. Now you can easily download and learn something new everyday without a huge investment in time. I highly encourage you to take a look, I plan to watch one video every weekday.

Speaking of free training, I have been asked to speak at the Birmingham Dot Net User Group tomorrow, Tuesday June 12th. The meeting starts at 7 pm, and will take place at the New Horizons training center located at 601 Beacon Pkwy W #106, Birmingham AL. The Windows Live map is at, or the Google map can be found at .

I’ll be speaking on SQL Server Compact Edition, showing you how to get started with this cool technology. My notes and demos are already here, just click the SSCE link under categories. Hope to see you there!


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