IE Developer Toolbar Released!

After a long beta, Microsoft has released the IE Developer Toolbar. This toolbar allows you to look at the DOM (Document Object Model) in depth. You can delve into the CSS in detail as well. Take a look:

[Picture of IE with toolbar activated]

First you need to install the toolbar, you can download it from or

After installing, launch IE, I’m using IE7. Select Tools, Toolbars, Explorer Bar, IE Developer Toolbar to open the toolbar inside IE. You’ll see more features than I can cover here, just start playing with a webpage.

Here I’ve got this blog open, and clicked on a header element in the DOM tree. You can see a blue outline at the top of the picture (look at the dark blue next to “Arcane Code”). That’s the IE Dev Toolbar highlighting the element you just clicked on.

If you are doing serious ASP.Net development, this tool will be invaluable for working out the coding to make your website look it’s best. And it’s free, so you’ve got no excuses!


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