Arcane Vistas

Well, I finally did it. Or more accurately am doing it. I’ve spent the last two evenings wiping the C drive of my HP Laptop and installing Vista Ultimate. So far I’ve gotten Vista installed, along with my freshly arrived copy of Office 2007. I’m working on getting my development environment (VS, SQL Server etc) setup now.

The VPN software my office uses is not Vista compliant yet, so in order to be able to still work remotely I have setup the machine to dual boot, with an 80 gig Vista partition and a 20 gig XP Media Center partition. (The laptop came with Media Center, in case you are wondering.)

I found some really good instructions on getting the dual boot working at:

Step by step on how to install Vista, then XP and get it all to work, plus there’s even instructions for when you can finally kill off XP and reclaim the space.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about doing development under Vista, so I’ll let you know as I make progress!


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