Arcane Tidbits

The blog now has it’s own domain, just tell your friends to go to for this blog.

I’m speaking at the upcoming code camp, Alabama Code Camp ( I’ll be speaking on SQL Server Compact Edition, but even if you are not interested in SSCE come on out there’s plenty of sessions no matter what your interest. April 14th in Mobile, make your plans now!

As I mentioned yesterday, I spoke to a group today at a Microsoft sponsored event. It was a lunch and learn session at one of Birmingham’s exclusive business clubs.

It was an interesting experience, I really enjoyed it. Of course I’m one of those people who really enjoy public speaking, so perhaps that shades my experience somewhat, but I think it’s something everyone should do given the opportunity.

If you are a little uncomfortable speaking, I highly recommend Toastmasters ( They give you training in a supportive environment to get comfortable speaking in front of crowds.


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