Arcane Mash-ups

A buddy of mine (thanks Eric) found one of the more unique mash-ups I’ve found on the web:

For those who don’t feel like following the link right now, it’s a roller coaster but it’s path is dictated by housing prices (adjusted for inflation) by year from 1890 to today.

Another interesting mash-up is Twitter Vision ( It uses Google maps to display a person’s location when they post something to Twitter, along with their twitter message.

Makes for some interesting thought processes. When someone like Google exposes an API to use their maps, it leads to some interesting results. What sorts of things can you do with a few open APIs?

Side note, still working on getting all my stuff re-installed on the laptop after my Vista install. So far I really like the Vista experience. Media player seems especially nice, I’ve been catching up with my DL.TV episodes while copying files back onto the drive, and it hasn’t had any stutters or hic-cups while I’ve been churning my slow disks.


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