Arcane Combinations: MaxiVista and UltraMon Tip

Two of my favorite Windows add-ins are MaxiVista and UltraMon. I’ve already blogged about each tool, and respectively. When used together, they provide a great user experience, placing a task bar on each window.

I have discovered one issue when using the combo. My main computer is my big HP laptop. I also have my older desktop which has dual monitors, and my old IBM Thinkpad laptop which is handy for an e-mail monitor. I take these over from my laptop, using MaxiVista. When installed, MaxiVista sets up the HP Laptops internal monitor as #1, the desktop as monitors 2 and 3, and the Thinkpad as #4. I also have a big 21 inch monitor I hook to the HP Laptop, which becomes #5.

My problem arises when I don’t have the desktop turned on. UltraMon seems to check each monitor, and when it finds #2 is not on, it stops putting toolbars out. Very annoying. After a lot of searching I finally came upon a solution, and thought I’d share.

Right click on the UltraMon icon in the toolbar, and select Options… from the popup menu. Now click on the “Ignored Monitors” tab. Click on the monitor numbers that are not active, then check the “ignore this monitor” box.

[Picture of UltraMon Options]













There you go, just click on OK and your taskbar should appear. When you need activate the remote monitors, just open this and uncheck the “ignore…” option and you’re good to go!

Standard disclaimer, I don’t work for either company, nor make any money off sales, or receive any compensation. I just think they are some cool tools!


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