SysInternals – ZoomIt

The last tool I am going to present in this series (although certainly not the last tool available from SysInternals) is called ZoomIt. Zoom it allows you to zoom in on certain areas of the screen with one quick hit of a hotkey. The hotkeys are configurable, as you can see in the options dialog below.

[Picture of ZoomIt Option Dialog]

Once you activate the zoom, you can use the up and down arrows to change the level of magnification. The ESC key will exit the zoom functionality. You can also use the Draw feature to Draw on the screen, great if you are doing a net meeting or demonstration and want to highlight something.

Primarily this utility comes in handy during demos and meetings, but I’ve also found it useful when working on images for my app and need to look at a detail or two. Also handy for documentation, I have used the Draw feature to draw on the screen, then used Print Screen to snag the image and send to someone, as in the example below.

[Demonstration of ZoomIt's Draw feature.]

So give it a try, drop me a comment and let me know what creative uses you come up with for this handy tool!


2 thoughts on “SysInternals – ZoomIt

  1. This is a great tool and I’ve found a lot of uses for it other than presentations. I use it for zooming in on screenshots of error messages. Use the drawing feature for impromptu howto sessions at my desk. I keep several terminal windows open on my desktop that “tail -f” various log files in very small print. When I see activity in one of the windows I ZoomIt to see if there is anything interesting. This one may sound odd but I use it for proofreading. Sometimes changing a font or magnifying it will help me catch an error (in writing or coding) that I would have otherwise missed. ZoomIt is a great find and I enjoyed your post.

  2. Great utility!
    One additional feature I would like see would be for it to possible re-enable the keyboard or mouse for input when zoomed (perhaps via a hot-key or shift mouse-click). This is because I have to use software that does not expect the high resolution screens that are now in widespread usage and therefore need you to be very accurate with the mouse!

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