SysInternals – Update – Microsoft Merger Complete

Since I began my posts on SysInternals, I’ve found they have now gone completely Microsoft. The SysInternals URL now redirects you to a Microsoft TechNet page, All of the tools seem to be there, with a few minor changes.

The Process Monitor (ProcMon) tool has been renamed to Process Explorer. Other than that, it still seems to have the same capabilities, and they’ve made sure it works on Vista and the 64 bit Windows platforms.

Update: Seems I got confused over tool names, Process Explorer was always Process Explorer and not ProcMon. That’s what I get for writing blog posts at 2 am. Except for getting names confused, all the other details I point out are still accurate, good tools well worth the look.  Oh, and ProcExp does work on the Vista (32 and 64 bit versions).

There’s a new tool called Process Monitor that replaces the older FileMon and RegMon tools (although both of them are still available). The new ProcMon seems to give much the same info in a unified user interface. I admit it is nice to have all the info in one screen.

Take a look over the tools and feel free to post comments below on how you feel about the new features and the Microsoft revamp of the tools.


4 thoughts on “SysInternals – Update – Microsoft Merger Complete

  1. I was on the sysinternal site not more than 5 days ago and downloading some tools and running through some of the forums. i am cought by surprise on this one.

    Now my big question is can i use these tools on Client computers or does the ULA still restrict commercial use in that way?

    Also..there were training videos for sale and I haven’t looked real hard yet, but do those still exhist?

  2. Caught me by surprise as well. The videos are still for sale, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the links are still there.

    According to the FAQ, it looks like you can now use the tools on client pc’s, assuming they are in your organization. From the FAQ:

    Q: Will Microsoft change the licensing agreement for the Sysinternals tools and their use?

    A: Yes, but we’ve made the license terms more liberal. Companies can now install and use the software throughout their organization, as opposed to a single user limitation.

    It does say you cannot install the software on computers you don’t own, however there’s nothing to say the owners cannot install. (Sort of a weird loophole).

    I’m no lawyer though, the License FAQ and Software License are both available on the website, if you have real concerns you should get your legal department to review.

    Robert (Arcane Code)

  3. Hello, I found this article while looking for help with Microsoft Silverlight. I’ve recently switched internet browser from Opera to IE. Just recently I seem to have a issue with loading websites that have Microsoft Silverlight. Every time I browse site that needs Microsoft Silverlight, the site freezes and I get a “npctrl.dll” error. I can’t seem to find out how to fix it. Any aid getting Microsoft Silverlight to work is greatly appreciated! Thanks

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