Installing openSUSE 10.2 on Virtual PC Step by Step

My “Installing Ubuntu on VirtualPC Step by Step” post ( continues to be one of the top read posts on my blog each day. I thought it was about time to look at another Linux distribution, openSUSE.

In November 2006 Microsoft and Novell announced a new initiative, stating they were collaborating on Linux / Windows interoperability. Read the full press release at or

In the spirit of collaboration, many of you may wish to explore openSUSE but may not have a spare machine to use it on. VirtualPC is the answer to your problem.

Before we begin, you’ll need to download a few components. First, you need Microsoft VirtualPC itself. or I’m using the 2007 Beta RC1, but this should work with 2004 as well. Previously I’ve installed openSUSE 10.1 on VirtualPC 2004 with no problems.

Next you will need the openSUSE.distribution, or is the place to grab it.

Be warned OpenSUSE ISO image is quite large, you’ll be a while downloading it. You will probably want to burn it to a DVD. If you don’t have a DVD burner handy, you can also use the Microsoft Virtual CD tool (which will work for DVDs too). I blogged about it at

A quick note, there are, as of this writing some issues with openSUSE 10.2 not recognizing the sound drivers with Virtual PC 2007 RC1. If sound is important to you, consider staying with Virtual PC 2004, or use openSUSE 10.1. As sound wasn’t that big of a deal, I used 10.2 and VPC 2007, but I’ve also installed 10.1 under VPC 2004 and my experience was almost identical to what I write about here.

Finally before you get started, spend a few minutes getting familiar with VirtualPC if you have not already done so. You can find my step by step instructions for VirtualPC at Keep it handy, at various points I will be referring to it.

Like now. In Step 1 of my VirtualPC Step by Step you are instructed to create a new machine, please do so. I’ve named mine “openSUSE”. In step 2, you are prompted for your OS. You will need to pick Other. In step 3, you are asked about Ram. openSUSE will run OK under 256 megs, however if you have the available space I’d highly suggest upping it to 512, especially if you intend to get into doing some graphics or mono coding.

In step 4 you will want to create a new hard disk, and in step 5 confirm what you’ve selected. OK, now you are up to step 6, installing the OS, which is where this tutorial picks up.

The first thing you will see is the boot screen. Here it asks if you want to boot from the hard drive (you can’t as nothing’s installed yet on your virtual hard disk) or install in a variety of methods. Hit the down arrow so “Install” is highlighted and hit the Enter key.

[openSUSE 01]

The screen will turn blue, churn for a bit, then black with a little clock. Be patient, it’s working. Finally, you get to see a screen to begin your installation journey. On the first one, you get to select which language you want. Select your language of choice, and click next.

[openSUSE 02]

Next you are shown the license agreement. If you are hyped up on Jolt Cola and Double Espressos and need some sleep go ahead and read through it. Otherwise, click the “Yes I agree”, then click next.

[openSUSE 03]

Now you are asked what mode you are doing the install in. Since this is a fresh machine the only valid option is New Installation. If there had been an older version of openSUSE on the machine you would also have the upgrade option. For now, take the default of New Installation and click Next.

[openSUSE 04]

The openSUSE installer will now do some System Analysis. It will read over your system and produce you a list of what it’s going to install. It’ll take a minute or two, so be patient.

On the next screen you are asked about the Time Zone. Pick the time zone you live in and press next.

[openSUSE 05]

Now comes your first difficult decision. openSUSE wants you to pick a default desktop. Unlike Windows, Linux will let you pick from a variety of desktop shells. The desktop defines the look and feel of what you see as you interact with the computer.

If you are a Windows user, you might be more comfortable with the KDE desktop. It has a start bar and “K” menu across the bottom. On the other hand Gnome has something more akin to a look and feel from the Mac line. There are others out there, but these are the top two.

There’s one other item to take into consideration. If you intend to do any coding using Mono, you will need to use the Gnome desktop. The last time I checked, the majority of the Mono development tools were designed for the Gnome desktop. (I don’t claim to be a Mono expert, so if this is incorrect please feel free to leave an enlightening comment.) Mono, by the way, is the open source implementation of the Microsoft .Net Framework. Using Mono you can write C# code for a Linux environment.

Don’t stress over this too much. The nice thing about Linux is you can change your mind later, or you can try out a new desktop just to see what it’s like without making a permanent change to your default desktop.

Since one day I hope to dabble in Mono, I will pick the Gnome desktop and click Next.

[openSUSE 06]

OK, getting close. Now openSUSE will show you an installation summary, with everything it’s going to do and install. Give it a glance, and if you are happy with your options click Next.

[openSUSE 07]

This is where the folks at Novell like to play an April Fool joke, in that you only thought you were done with license agreements. In the 10.2 version I downloaded, I’m additionally asked to confirm the licenses for some Adobe product and the Flash player. I clicked OK on both.

[openSUSE 08]

[openSUSE 09]

OK, openSUSE asks you one last time if you are sure. We are (well at least I am) so click Install to begin the install.

[openSUSE 10]

Now sit back and wait. And wait. And wait some more. This thing takes a long time to install, for me the counter started at over 2 hours, although in the end it didn’t take that long.

First you’ll see some screens that talk about preparing your hard disk. Don’t worry, it’s the virtual disk it’s formatting, you’re safe. Finally you’ll see this screen as it begins the process.

[openSUSE 11]

Over to the right you’ll see the count down timer, and the center part will change during the install, giving you nice little tidbits and tricks. This would be a good time to refill your coffee, put some Jolt Cola on ice and order that pizza. You’ll be sitting here a while. (While you’re waiting might be a good time to explore some of my other posts, LOL.)

One real important thing: if your VirtualPC screen goes blank during the install, don’t freak out! Believe it or not, the screen saver is actually active during the install. All you have to do is click inside the VirtualPC window. The screen will then update to show you where it’s at in the install process.

After it’s finally done, it will tell you it’s going to reboot. Go ahead and let it, obviously. If you do nothing, the machine will reboot itself.

After the reboot you’ll see the same screen you saw when you first started, assuming you didn’t eject the openSUSE dvd. Pick the “Boot from Hard Disk” option, or if you do nothing it will take it as the default.

[openSUSE 12]

The next screen asks if you want the default of openSUSE 10.2, to boot off of Floppy, or the Failsafe mode for 10.2. Failsafe is kind of like Safe Mode under XP. Normally you’ll pick the openSUSE 10.2 option, which is what we will do now. (Doing nothing by the way will automatically select this.)

[openSUSE 13]

After the system finally gets done rebooting, there are some final installation steps that need to take place. First, you are taken to a screen and asked what you want the root user password to be. This is the master password for the system, you need this to install software or do any serious maintenance. Enter something secure, but easy to remember. Most of all don’t forget it, or your lovely Linux install will become severely handicapped. Enter your chosen password now, then click next.

[openSUSE 14]

Next you are prompted for a host name and domain name. Take the defaults and click Next.

[openSUSE 15]

In the next window you are asked about the network configuration. Be patient while openSUSE examines your virtual system. When done, just click Next to take the defaults it finds.

[openSUSE 16]

At the end of the network configuration, openSUSE wants to test your connection. Assuming you are connected to the web, leave Yes selected and click next to perform the test. Now, when I tried to do the test, it kept failing on me. I puzzled, fumed, changed things, but could find nothing wrong.

Finally, out of desperation, I clicked the Back button to return to the screen below, then told it to skip the test, and go on. By golly, it actually worked just fine! I guess the problem is on the Novell end, as openSUSE happily proceeded to download all sorts of online updates with no problems. Your experience may vary a little, but if you try the test and it fails, try using the Back button, tell it No, skip the test, and go on from there. I’m betting it’ll work OK for you too.

[openSUSE 17]

The online update is next, here openSUSE will try to download the latest patches and what-not for your system. You have the option to skip by picking No, but I would suggest you let it run so you can have all the latest security updates and bug fixes. (Note if you are not hooked to the internet, or were unable to get the networking to work, you will want to skip this step.)

As the first step in the updates, you are asked about additional installation sources. For now, take the defaults as shown and tell it Yes, to register the checked sources.

[openSUSE 18]

You will now see a series of update screens flash by as your system is updated from the internet. The screen will look something like this:

[openSUSE 19]

Just let it go, it will take a bit (especially if you have a slow connection). When it’s done openSUSE will automatically take you to the next area.

In this next area you are prompted for users. First, you are asked about the method for authenticating users. There are some nice options here, including the ability to check against a windows domain. For our purposes though, the default of Local (/etc/passwd) will do just fine, so click Next.

[openSUSE 20]

Next you are prompted for user info. Enter your name, what user name you’d like to have, and a password for that user. There’s also a checkbox for Automatic Login. If you will be the only one using this VirtualPC, you can leave this checked on.

On the other hand, if you will be sharing this VPC with friends, you may wish to uncheck this. When you do so openSUSE will request you to login each time. One last note, you will want to make your password different from the one you entered for the root user. It’s not a requirement, but it is a good idea. Once you have entered everything, click Next.

[openSUSE 21]

OK, now sit back and wait a few minutes, as openSUSE is going to finish setting up your user account, then is going to run some cleanup.

[openSUSE 22]

When the cleanup is done you are automatically shown the release notes. This describes changes and the like since the last version. Take a quick glance, and know that you can always pull these up later if you are in a hurry. Go ahead and click Next when you are done.

[openSUSE 23]

In this last step you are shown your hardware configuration and asked to confirm it’s what you want to use. While it’s examining your config your screen may switch back to a text display, then back to the graphical installer. This is normal behavior, just be aware of it.

When it’s done examining, you’ll be ready to click Next. Note one item, there have been some issues with openSUSE not detecting the sound card of Virtual PC 2007. If sound is extremely critical to you, consider sticking with either VPC 2004, or drop back to openSUSE 10.1.

I can wait for the sound issue to get fixed in a later patch, so I’ll be clicking Next at this point.

[openSUSE 24]

You’ve hit the finish line! You installation is complete, all you have to do now is click the Finish button.

[openSUSE 25]

When you do, openSUSE will complete a few tasks, then ‘reboot’ your virtual system. This will take a few minutes, and when done you are logged in and ready to use your openSUSE Virtual PC.

[openSUSE 26]

Click on the “Computer” icon in the lower left, to begin exploring your openSUSE installation.

[openSUSE 27]

To get up and running with openSUSE I’d recommend a good podcast to you called Linux Reality. Chess Griffin is the host, and did a great three part tutorial on openSUSE at these links:

Part 1:




Part 3:


His original tutorial was for 10.1, so there may be a few minor differences but not enough to make a difference.

There’s also a support site for SUSE Linux you can find at or

That’s about it, one final note. As I tell my kids, when you are done playing make sure to put away your toys. To shut down your Virtual PC openSUSE, just select Logout from the Computer menu, and it will give you a screen with the standard Logout, Shutdown, etc. menu options. Just pick Shutdown and you are free to go get that cup of coffee you’ve been waiting for.

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78 Responses to “Installing openSUSE 10.2 on Virtual PC Step by Step”

  1. Andreas Jaeger Says:

    Thanks for the fine step-by-step installation.

    I noticed that you had problems with the network connection test. I’m a bit surprised, this should really not happen and I don’t remember seeing such a bug report. If you still have the yast logfiles, please open a bugreport as described on in our bugzilla and attach the YaST logfiles (see
    and give us some more details so that we can fix it for the future.


  2. Musings, Ramblings, and the Occasional Useful Information : OpenSuse 10.2 in Virtual PC 2007 Says:

    [...] initial desktop.  There is a great step-by-step (with pictures of the entire process) here:  Installing updates (especially security updates) before first boot is a VERY good thing, as [...]

  3. colmob Says:

    Did you try installing the Virtual Machine Additions by MS? I find on my machine that the clock goes totally out of whack, and the keyboard repeats keys, without them, but they will not install. I’ve found some cryptic comments by some MS employees about them being ‘broken’ by 10.2. Any ideas? Thanks!

  4. NickSchultz Says:

    microsoft has released a fix on how to fix the crazy clock… they describe the problem, what is causing it and finally howto fix it.

    It was very informative and fixed my problem

  5. bob Says:

    i *hart* linnix

  6. bob Says:

    why cant i get on the internet!!!!????!?!?!?!?!?!

  7. arcanecode Says:


    Click on Edit, Settings (if you are already running the VPC, if not just the settings for that VPC from the console). Go down to Network, and see what your network adapter is linked to. This area lets you like the virtual network adapter to one of the real ones in your computer.

    It could be something like you use wireless for all your internet, but VPC is hooking to the wired network card you have unplugged.


  8. Bram Says:


    I tried getting Open SUSE 10.2 installed under VPC2007 but get stuck after the Installation option. VPC tells me to install the additions. I choose the right alt I menu option but nothing seems to happen. I am running XP sp2 prof. and the latest VPC software.


  9. balupton Says:

    I’m trying to do this, but for the first screenshot in your post i’m getting a “Cool software, but… This is a 32-bit computer. You cannot use 64-bit software on it.”. But i’m using openSUSE-10.2-GM-DVD-x86_64.iso any ideas?

  10. Nadir Says:


    I tried to install openSuse10.3 on VPC2007 but experience some problems:

    First of all, I can’t use my mouse in the installation process, only my keyboard (both usb).

    Second, after installation is complete, I boot my VPC. Initially everything seems fine. But then I don’t even make it to the log in screen, let alone the KDE desktop as my screen gets black. This is not the screensaver as appearing in the installation process, just a black screen, with a curser in the top left blinking …

    All I can do is switching the VPC off …

    Has anyone seen this before?

  11. Stefan Says:

    To get the mouse working in openSUSE 10.3 you have to enter i8042.noloop in the field Boot Options in the installation screen.

    To avoid the crash at startup you have to disable Bluetooth in the Screen Hardware Configuration.

    Disable hardware virtualization for the virtual machine if you want to get CUPS working with local printers.

    Getting sound is still difficult because openSUSE won’t start the sound server automatically at boot up. You have to do this manually with ‘rcalsasound start’ as user root in the console. This is a problem with the script /etc/init.d/alsasound. The user has to be member of the group ‘sound’ to play sound too. You can specify the sound card as Creative Labs SB 16 with automatic configuration. But don’t try the no plug-and-play version. It doesn’t work. Don’t expect too much. Sound is very crappie.

  12. Xerxes Says:

    I have same problem and get this message:
    /usr/bin/X: Symbol lookup error /usr/lib/Xorg/modules/drivers/s3_drv.s
    Vista Home basic, VPC 2007, openSUSE 10.3 on Lenovo 3000 N100
    Any idea what’s wrong?

  13. Naveen Says:

    Nadir were you able to get the issue resolved.
    Stefan, I followed yr instructions giving the i8042.noloop in the field Boot Options in the installation screen and disabling Bluetooth in the Screen Hardware Configuration but still no success. Can you please tell me how we resolve this?


  14. SAF Says:

    I had the same problem as Nadir.

    I managed to install it, but on boot, all I get is a blank screen with a cursor on the top left. I tried booting in the fail-safe mode, but then I get an unreadable display. With garbled text. So it is a display issue… but what???

  15. Freecelladdict Says:

    i8042.noloop did the trick for me!

    I was just about to quit, and wait for 10.4, when I found this site.

    Thank you!

  16. Jerry58 Says:

    Regarding the display problem, I used boot parameter 3 to boot into a text shell, then I used “sax2 -m 0=vesa” (avoid S3 driver to fail because of missing 32-bit emulation) to change graphics to simple mode and saved this from inside sax2.
    I then added i8042.noloop to the grub boot parameters and now everything is fine.

  17. linuxnoob Says:

    “Regarding the display problem, I used boot parameter 3 to boot into a text shell, then I used “sax2 -m 0=vesa” (avoid S3 driver to fail because of missing 32-bit emulation) to change graphics to simple mode and saved this from inside sax2.”

    clear as mud … how does one implement this (step by step instructions requested)

  18. SAF Says:

    Thanks guys for the display suggestion. It works fine now!

    It’s quite easy actually. Start the OS with option 3 in the option line.

    Once in the shell prompt, type the sax2 -m 0=vesa command.

    After a while, a window will pop up asking you save settings. Do that and restart. And viola!

  19. SAF Says:


    I have another issue. I actually installed the 1 CD version of the KDE openSuse. Now however, I cannot install the VM Additions as some packages are missing.

    Has anyone tried this out successfully?

  20. Joe Says:

    This is a goodie. Very Helpful.

    When you going to do the same for 10.3????
    I need your help!


  21. Victoria Says:

    It was very helpful for me.
    Unfortunately, I have a problem with my sound card.
    But I can start without sound :-)

  22. DigiOz Multimedia Says:

    Amazing work guys! compared to a lot of other distributions this is by far the cleanest and most efficient OS yet!

    I did have the same mouse problem described above, which the “i8042.noloop” took care of. No graphic card problem here.


  23. Le Quang Nhat Anh Says:

    Thanks for the “i8042.noloop”, my mouse works ^^

    I got a little problem after downloading and installing the “openSUSE-10.3-GM-DVD-i386-iso” on MS Virtual PC 2007. I got an error when the installation reached the “initialize repository” step. A dialog appeared and asked me to “insert CD1″. Lol, I was using the DVD Iso file (4.3GB) to install, what CD should I put in ? ^_^. So I took some SS and intended to reply here to ask for some helps. Here are the links to my SS



    Thanks to god, I tried a tip and successfully pass that silly error. I was using Alcohol 120% to create my Virtual CD/DVD, so I mounted the “openSUSE-10.3-GM-DVD-i386-iso” on to a Virtual DVD on the real machine, then configure the VPC 2007 to use that Virtual DVD to install OpenSUSE. ^_^, it passed without any error at all. Don’t know why ^^. Any suggestion ???

  24. Le Quang Nhat Anh Says:

    Anyone gots problem installing OpenSUSE 10.3 in VPC 2007. When I finished the installation, I started the OpenSUSE and got an error ” Can’t not load X graphical Interface” or something like that, I can’t remember exactly. So is there any solutions for this error? Hope to get the answer soon. Thanks a lot

  25. Kamar Khan Says:

    Guys leave it. Wait till suse next version. Or use suse 10.0 this things wont work. Virtual pc 2007 sucks.

  26. bummer Says:

    “It’s quite easy actually. Start the OS with option 3 in the option line.
    Once in the shell prompt, type the sax2 -m 0=vesa command.
    After a while, a window will pop up asking you save settings. Do that and restart. And viola!”

    Had the same set of problems with mouse and display, your solution worked fine, except that I’m not sure I understood right what option 3 is… I booted from HDD while using “Text Mode” (F3 menu on the bootup screen). This didn’t work quite well. The bottom half of the screen was screwed with colored trash pixels, but there was console behind it. So I logged in blind and typed this command with sax2. It fixed resolution configuration and offered to save configuration. After I rebooted VM, it came out fine.

    Thanks for help!

  27. crabman Says:

    I have added the i8042.noloop comment to the menu.lst file but still no mouse. I am unclear on whether I have to install the ms additions or not? Anyone no for sure if they are needed for the mouse or if they are even available for opensuse 10.3? Thanks.

  28. crabman Says:

    Never mind finally got the syntax correct. I also did install the additions for linux. Sweeeeet.

  29. Earl Says:

    Hey Crabman,

    How did you install the additions for linux? Where did you find them etc?

  30. Dimce Ivanoski Says:

    I have a questiong regarding installing openSuSE 10.3 on VPC 2007. I will make it simple: the installing process is very very slow, over 5 hours and it is on 50 % time. Is this process normal or I have made something wrong.

  31. Dimce Ivanoski Says:

    The installation went fine, but I can’t install aditions.
    I have tried with wine but aditions are still not implemented. So any sugestions about this.

  32. NetGuyDave Says:

    I have 32 minutes of experience with Linux under my belt now and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to install Virtual Machine Additions for Linux onto my new load of OpenSuse 10.2 which is being hosted on a MS Virtual Server R2 SP1. I know how to load VMAs on other guests but I guess Linux is different. I’ve tried to have the VS load it, no go. I’ve downloaded the MSI to Linux but Linux won’t run it. I hope someone can answer such a stupid/simple question. Thank You, Dave

  33. FrmrMsftLifer Says:

    A couple of observations:
    1. Thx for the mouse fix; made the install process much simpler.
    2. When you set up your vpc hdd, select the option for fixed disk. If you use the dynamic option, vpc has to expand the disk each time the installer needs more space, which is practically every file. This slows the install significantly. ( I just did the install twice in under 30 minutes in vpc 2007 on Vista Ultimate 64, mind you I’m using a Lenovo S10 x64 with 4GB and a 15K SAS drive ).
    3. If you want to see what’s happening, just flip to the details tab. The slide show is a snoozer anywho, so you might as well watch the 907 packages install.

  34. cryomice Says:

    Earl: you can find VMAdditions for Linux on the Microsoft site. Sorry if late )

    NetGuyDave: Just mount image with VMAditions for Linux, then follow the readme

    PS. Damn i should read comments in other order.. )

  35. Glen Says:

    I know this is a bit off topic, but I couldn’t get openSUSE 10.3 to work with VPC 2007 no matter what I did. As soon as I selected installation from the boot screen, the display would go black and the HD would grind for about 10 minutes and then nothing. I tried all the options mentioned here and several other for about half a day before I finally gave up.

    Finally I did a search and installed VirtualBox and it just worked. It was able to setup the standard x86 distro in a VM with very little effort on my part, which was refreshing after toying with VPC for so long. So, if you’re like me and there’s something about your configuration that just won’t work with VPC 2007, try VirtualBox and save yourself a few headaches.

    BTW – I still use VPC 2007 for all my Windows VMs, and it works great for that.

    – Glen

  36. Dan_2008 Says:

    I can’t install it at all. In fact, I’ve had a lot of problems installing Linux distros on Virtual PC. I’m running an AMD Athlon x2 and suspect it’s part of the problem.

    With Ubuntu I almost gave up but I found a little trick that works with VPC 2007 SP1. I’ll share it with you: if you set “hardware assistance” off in the virtual machine parameters, Ubuntu works… perfectly! If you put the switch back on, Ubuntu works… whenever it’s in a good mood…

    Unfortunately, no such luck with Open Suse. The virtual machine just behaves erratically. Sometimes it starts installing, other times not… I’ve tried all sorts of boot switches, but none do the trick. Might try Virtual box as suggested above, but I really need this to work in VPC.

  37. Brian Says:

    Thats all well and good, the install went perfectly (thank you very much :) ), but now its installed I have no way to transfer files, get it online, listen to the sounds etc. as I have no clue how to install the virtual machine additions.

    Please help a Linux noob and do the same wonderful type of guide (with pictures and small words) so we can get the best out of Linux in a VPC.

    I have loaded it onto a VPC as I am thinking of using it as a main OS on another computer, and therefore expand my horizons and knowledge.

    Thank you for taking the time and effort in producing this fantastic guide,

    Brian :)

  38. bob Says:

    To get the mouse working in openSUSE 10.3 you have to enter i8042.noloop in the field Boot Options in the installation screen.

    How can I do that ??

  39. sam Says:

    Edit your boot menu….and enter that command for mouse to work on.

  40. Ed Says:

    So how do I enable mouse after installation?

  41. Billy Says:

    I found that with Virtual 2007 and Suse 11.2, disabling hardware virtualization allowed my keyboard and mouse to work during the install. Strange since I was using a live cd and I could boot the live system just fine. Something screwy with the install i guess.

  42. Dinesh Says:

    If anybody trying openSUSE 11.3 on Virtual PC, then try this method. You have to issue a command before start the installation.

  43. Merik Sz Says:

    I’ve tried OpenSUSE several times in a VPC install and it just hangs with a little terminal icon in the upper left corner while the help, back, next buttons are totally inoperative (I have a arrow head on a circle cursor). Any ideas? This is a Win7 host with lots of memory

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