The Fun With PowerShell Roundup


Since September 2020 I’ve been posting extensively about PowerShell in a series I’ve titled Fun With PowerShell. In my next post I will begin a series on a new topic, but before I do I wanted to leave with a Fun With PowerShell Roundup" post.

Below you will find a listing of all posts in my Fun With PowerShell series. Note there are other posts I’ve done in this time frame, but since they did not focus on PowerShell I’ve omitted them from this listing.

The Posts

Date Title
20-09-29 VSCode User Snippets for PowerShell and MarkDown
20-12-05 Two New PowerShell Courses for Developers on Pluralsight
20-12-14 Iterate Over A Hashtable in PowerShell
20-12-21 Fixing the Failed To Acquire Token Error When Logging Into Azure from PowerShell
21-01-04 Suppress Write-Verbose When Calling A function in PowerShell
21-07-05 Fun with PowerShell Get-Random
21-07-12 Fun With PowerShell Strings
21-07-26 Fun With PowerShell Arrays
21-08-02 Fun With PowerShell Hash Tables
21-08-09 Fun With PowerShell Logic Branching
21-08-16 Fun With PowerShell Code Formatting
21-08-23 Fun with PowerShell Loops
21-07-19 Fun With PowerShell String Formatting
21-08-30 Fun With PowerShell Basic Functions
21-09-06 Fun With PowerShell Advanced Functions
21-09-13 Fun With PowerShell Pipelined Functions
21-09-20 Fun With The PowerShell Switch Parameter
21-09-20 Fun With the PowerShell Switch Parameter
21-09-27 Fun With PowerShell Write-Verbose
21-10-04 Fun With PowerShell Write-Debug
21-10-11 Fun With VSCode Snippets for Markdown and PowerShell
21-10-18 Fun With PowerShell Providers
21-11-15 Fun with PowerShell Enums
21-11-29 More Fun with PowerShell Enums
21-12-06 Fun with PowerShell Enum Flags
21-12-14 Fun With PowerShell Classes – The Basics
22-01-10 Fun With PowerShell Objects – PSCustomObject
22-01-17 Fun With PowerShell Objects – Adding Methods to PSCustomObject
22-01-24 Fun With PowerShell Objects – Creating Objects from C#
22-01-31 Fun With PowerShell Objects – Modifying Existing Objects
22-02-07 Fun With PowerShell Classes – Static Properties and Methods
22-02-14 Fun With PowerShell Classes – Overloading
22-02-21 Fun With PowerShell Classes – Constructors
22-03-24 Fun With PowerShell – Extracting Blog Titles and Links from a WordPress Blog with PowerShell
22-03-28           Fun With PowerShell – Extracting Blog Titles and Links from a WordPress Blog with PowerShell – Generating Markdown


This is the wrap up post for my Fun With PowerShell series. Use it as an index to quickly refer back to posts of interest to you. These will make a good quick reference to the many aspects of PowerShell programming.

In my next blog post I’ll begin a new "Fun With…" series, so stay tuned for more fun.

All of the posts in my Fun With PowerShell series were inspired by my Pluralsight course PowerShell 7 Quick Start for Developers on Linux, macOS and Windows, one of many PowerShell courses I have on Pluralsight. All of my courses are linked on my About Me page.

If you don’t have a Pluralsight subscription, just go to my list of courses on Pluralsight . At the top is a Try For Free button you can use to get a free 10 day subscription to Pluralsight, with which you can watch my courses, or any other course on the site.


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