The Pragmatic Arcane Coder

I wanted to let everyone know some exciting news. Starting March 21st I’ll be going to work at Pragmatic Works! Pragmatic Works has a great variety of tools for SQL Server Business Intelligence, training videos, books, as well as a thriving consulting division.

While I’ll miss my friends over at Comframe I’m very excited to be joining one of the premier BI consulting firms in the US. This promises opportunities for even more speaking engagements, as well as multiple outlets for content creation.

Here’s to a Pragmatic future!


7 Responses to “The Pragmatic Arcane Coder”

  1. Farooq Says:

    hmm intresting……….

  2. Matt Velic Says:

    Yes, congratulations!

  3. Jorge Segarra Says:

    Welcome aboard sir! Looking forward to seeing you around the office!

  4. Briana Says:

    Congratulations Robert! Nice blog …. I had forgotten about it after I left SoCo. It’s good to see you are doing well.

    -You ex-coworker 🙂

  5. novoline knacken Says:

    Unglaublich! Diese Story hätte ich absolut nicht für denkbar gehalten 🙂

  6. Albert Says:

    Amazing! Thanks! I always aspired to produce in my website the like.

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