Installing the WPF Bits

OK, looking back I’m thinking my instructions last week for getting to the WPF bits installed were a tad confusing, so I’m going to give it one more shot.

Step 1 – Install .Net 3.0.

If you’re already on Vista, skip this step. If you are on XP, you can download .Net 3.0 from: . Make sure your XP has been patched with Service Pack 2.

Step 2 – Have a copy of Visual Studio.

If you have Visual Studio already, skip this step. If not, you can grab an express edition version at . You’ll want to select Windows Development, and pick either C# or VB.Net.

Step 3 – The Windows Software Development Kit

The Windows SDK has lots of cool tools, what you are interested in is one called XAMLPad. You can find the SDK at: . Even though it says Vista, the SDK will also install on XP with SP2, or Windows Server 2003.

Step 4 – Visual Studio extensions for WCF & WPF

Finally, you’ll want to install the Visual Studio extensions, these will allow you to create new projects for both the WCF and WPF. There are two prerequisites to installing the extensions. First, make sure you have the SDK (from Step 3) installed first. There are some bits in there the extensions need.

Second, all of the help for the extensions is local, so make sure you go into Visual Studio and set the help to “Local, then On-line”, other wise the installer will complain. OK, with those to prerequesites handled you’re ready to proceed.

Below is the website to download the extensions. Even though the title reads CTP, these are the latest (and final) bits you’ll see for this, Microsoft is putting all it’s efforts into Visual Studio 2008. You can get the extensions at

Step 5 – Reboot

I generally find it a good idea to do a reboot after installing new bits, especially ones from Microsoft. After the reboot it might also be a good idea to run a Windows Update, just in case there are any security bits that need installing / updating.

Bonus Step – If you have an MSDN subscription, you should also download and install the Expression Blend tool, it will make your job of generating XAML much easier.


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