Arcane Get-A-Ways

It’s always great to get away with your coworkers every so often, in a situation away from the office. That’s where I’ve been the last few days, in the mountains of north Georgia. Very pretty country, and our big team building event was a 6 mile canoe ride.  

Unfortunately there was no internet access in the lodge we were in. Seems it was being renovated and they hadn’t gotten around to hooking it back up. They barely got the new carpet installed before we arrived. (I was the first one there, and as I was walking in the carpet layer was driving away).

It was a weird experience being internetless for several days. It’s amazing how used to connectivity we’ve all become in such a short time.

Speaking of connectivity, I now have a Pownce account. . I’ve only just started it, will try to figure out how to most effectively use it over the next few weeks. Meanwhile if you have a Pownce account feel free to send me a friend invite.

I also read that WordPress now has a good integration with Facebook, and am considering a Facebook account. Let me know your thoughts.

Finally, I’ve updated the Arcane Lessons page ( ) with more lesson plans, be sure to check it out.


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