Arcane Portable Passwords

After a long time searching, I finally found a password manager I like. I’ve looked at quite a few, but for whatever reason never seemed to find one that suited me. Today I finally found KeePass and am happy.

KeePass ( ) is a free, open source password manager. It has the same basic functionality that most password managers have, but laid out in such a manner that to me is easy to use. It will generate a complex password for you, or you can enter your own. It even has a meter, which measures the strength of your password.

Be warned I had some issues with the installer version of KeePass under Vista. However, it also has a standalone no-install version which you can download and use, which is what I did. It works like a champ under Vista.

It also has a version ( ) that integrates nicely with Portable Apps ( ). In case you are not familiar with Portable Apps, it’s a suite of tools that don’t require installation.

The idea behind portable apps is you can place all of them on a USB thumb drive or external USB Hard drive. Then no matter what machine you plug it into, all off the apps and settings go with you. Nothing is stored on the host PC.

There are versions of FireFox, OpenOffice, GIMP (the paint program), and of course KeePass. Much more too, so take a look. Great for someone who travels a lot and just needs a few simple apps on the road.


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