Arcane Thoughts: Honorable Mentions

In reflecting on Friday’s post, I realized there are a few people who I consider “heroes” in the tech world, but aren’t programmers (or at least it’s not what they are primarily known for). I thought they deserved a mention, hence today’s post.

Leo Laporte

You may remember Leo from the MSNBC, then TechTV channels doing shows like Call for Help and The Screen Savers. Today Leo runs the successful TWIT Podcast network (, producing many helpful shows on the state of the tech industry. His relaxed but informative style is a pleasure to listen to.

Patrick Norton

Patrick was Leo’s co-host on The Screen Savers. This guy knows hardware. Today he still has a TV show, only you can download it and watch it at your leisure. At DL.TV ( Patrick, with co-host Robert Herron puts out a bi-weekly show reminiscent of the Screen Saver days. They look at the latest tech, answer viewer questions, and provide useful info.

Steve Gibson

What a treasure Steve is. Each week he and Leo have a show on the TWIT network called Security Now ( I have learned so much about the way networks work, ways to secure your computer against attacks, each week it’s like attending a doctorate level course in networking and security.

If his name sounds familiar, Steve is the same Gibson of Gibson Research Corporation (, the guys who do Sheild’s Up (for testing your computer’s security) and SpinRite, the disk recovery tool.

And there you go, a few guys who deserve a mention for their contributions to the tech community.


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