Getting Ready for Code Camp

This week I’ll be working toward the Alabama Code Camp to be held in Mobile this Saturday, April 14th. ( I will be giving a presentation on SQL Server Compact Edition, and invite you all to come.

Since my previous SSCE posts were a bit back and a little scattered, I thought I’d start with a quick recap of my SSCE to date.

My first post described the background of SSCE, and where to get it from. You can find it at:

My second post described how to create a new SSCE database using code. You can find this post at:

The third post showed how to create a new table in your database, and can be located at:

My next post showed you how to insert rows into the newly created table:

And finally is my piece on loading a SSCE table from a standard DataTable object:

That ought to get you up to speed, stay tuned this week as I build up to the weekend presentation.


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