AL Tools

I found a cool suite of Windows tools I thought I’d tell you about. AL Tools ( has a suite of standard tools that have an attractive interface. They offer a ZIP tool, one for music, one for FTP, one to browse photos, and one to store passwords.

So far I’ve used the ALSee to view my collection of photos. It has a nice feature that will let you resize a slew of photos with just a few clicks, great when you have lots of pics to e-mail to the grandparents or upload to a website.

I’ve also used ALShow to view some of the IPTV shows I enjoy. and for example. So far it’s handled everything I’ve thrown at it, it flows smoothly and resizes very well.

I’ve briefly explored the password program, it looks good for storing passwords to websites but I’m not sure so far if it will work well for non web apps. Eventually I plan to explore the other apps, next on my list will be the FTP program as it seems to have some nice features, such as automatically resuming when a transfer fails and handling transfers over 2 gig.

For personal use, all of their tools are free. I admit I like their interfaces, they are simple and clean, which is refreshing after some of the tools I’ve used lately. Check ‘em out, just make sure to go to the .net address, the .com address is in Japanese. Unless of course you happen to read Japanese, in which case you can go to whichever one you want.


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