Multiple Monitors Made Even Easier

So, you have multiple monitors. Whether you have several real monitors, or they are through the MaxiVista tool mentioned in the previous post, you’d like to get the most out of them. One thing that drove me nuts was having my apps on a second window but having a toolbar on the main window. Also, what’s with the desktop? Why do I have to have the same image on every monitor?

Well I have another cool tool that fixes these problems and more: UltraMon. UltraMon ( puts a taskbar on every monitor you have. It then puts the apps you have running on that monitor in it’s toolbar, and removes them from the main monitor’s bar which really helps with clutter.

You can also customize the desktops, having a different picture for each monitor. This means I can put my adorable kids in one monitor and my long suffering wife in my second display. Or, if you have a really wide photo you can have it stretch over all of your monitors.

It also adds some cool icons up beside your min / max / cancel buttons on a window, one button will stretch the current window over both monitors. The second button is much more useful, it will move the current window to another window and automatically rescale it for that window.

It works really well with MaxiVista, or with multiple real monitors. And (as of the date I post this) it’s only 39.95 (US). Plus they have a trial version, but be careful, once you try it you’ll get hooked (I did!).

Standard disclaimer, I don’t work for them, make no money off sales, or receive any compensation, I just think it’s a cool developer tool!


3 thoughts on “Multiple Monitors Made Even Easier

  1. Good, so this program works only on real monitors.

    I need to ask this, in Ubuntu and RedHat there is a very helpful feature that let you have 4 desktops. So you can manage your work by using those four desktop and placing Windows to separate your work.

    Is there any smiler program works in Windows Vista?


  2. Do a search on “vista virtual desktops” and you’ll get tons of results. I haven’t tried any yet, so can’t swear to one product over another, my preferences is for real physical monitors.

    With everything working, including MaxiVista / UltraMon, I have a 21 inch, 20 inch, two 17 inch, and my laptops internal 17 inch widescreen monitor all being driven off my laptop.

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