Arcane Security: IRS E-mail Scam

No, it’s not the IRS trying to get you this time, but scammers trying to take over your computer. In a brand new threat, scum sucking scammers are sending out e-mails that claim to be from the IRS. The e-mail tells the reader they are the target of a criminal investigation, and tells them to click on a link to find out more.

Now first of all, the IRS does not notify people of criminal infractions via e-mail. Usually it’s through a group of gray suited men in dark sunglasses knocking on your door, or through certified mail in a letter that says “you pay us…”

Second you should always be wary of any mail that insists you to click on a link to find out more. That’s always a key there’s something wrong. That’s one reason I always type out URLs in this blog, so that those who are mistrusting types can simply read it and type it in, or highlight and cut/paste.

If you get one of these, forward it to, then DELETE IT! Yes, you could just delete it and be safe, but let’s do what we can to help the IRS catch these scumbags.

This story is all over the web, but you can read more at the Consumer Affairs site on or . It’s so insideous though I decided to add my own warning to try and get the word out.