Data Dude Webinar

Thanks to all who attended my Pragmatic Works webinar today on Visual Studio Database Projects. The video is now up on the site, to view it and other past presentations from Pragmatic Works you can go to Here’s the slide deck from the Data Dude presentation.


Data Dude Webinar for Pragmatic Works

Just wanted to let everyone know I’ll be doing my first webinar for Pragmatic Works this Thursday, June 9th 2011. It will be at 11 am Eastern time.

I’ll be doing an introduction to “Data Dude”, Visual Studio Database Projects. We’ll cover such things as generating a project from an existing database, using the safe refactoring tools, and generating sample data. There’s no cost, and I hope you can join us live so I can answer any of your questions. If you can’t, then we’ll be recording the session for later viewing. To register, jump on over to our website and register:

If Data Dude isn’t your thing don’t worry, there are lots of upcoming webinars. Next week Brian Knight is doing an intro to MDX session, and Ben Evans will be doing one on Data Driven Website Design. There’s also a nice selection of already recorded past webinars available for instant viewing. And like I said, it’s all free. How cool is that!

SQL Rally – Data Dude for Devs and DBAs

I’m at SQL Rally today, presenting a spotlight session on Visual Studio Database Projects, aka Data Dude.

While the slide deck is not overly large, I did want to pass it along. You can download it from here.

Here are some of the topics we’ll be covering

–Creating a project



–Data Creation

–Schema Comparisons

–Data Comparisons

–Unit Testing

If you are mostly interested in the links, here they are:

SQL Name Game – My example on how to generate Sample Data –

Data Dude Blog –

VS Database Development Tools Forum –

VS Development/Database Edition Home –

Finally, here are the tools we’ll be using, along with links to previous versions:

Visual Studio for Database Professionals “Data Dude”

Included with VS2010 Premium and higher

Included with VS2008/2005 Professional and higher

2008 GDR2 –

•2005 DB Pro Addon –

Data Warehousing / Business Intelligence at Pluralsight

It’s been another busy month, and I’m pleased to announce my two newest modules were published today on Pluralsight. If you’re not familiar with Pluralsight, they are a training company that has a vast library of training videos.

The description of my new course can be found here:

There are two modules, the first is an introductory session for DW/BI. It’s primarily slides, by the end you’ll have a grasp on the arcane terms around Business Intelligence such as facts, dimensions, surrogate keys, OLAP, and more.

The second module is an overview of the Microsoft tools for doing DW/BI. It starts with the Adventure Works Lite database. From there a data warehouse is built, on top of which an analysis services cube is created. Finally a report will be generated off the cube that meets a specific business need.

Along the way attendees will get to see Visual Studio 2010 Database Projects, along with the SQL Server toolkit: SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Analysis Services, and SQL Server Reporting Services. Attendees will also get a look at SQL Server Management Studio.


Visual Studio Database Developer – Data Dude at SQL Saturday 21

On Saturday August 21, 2010 I will be presenting “Visual Studio Database Developer Edition – Data Dude” at the Nashville SQL Saturday #51. This looks to be a great event, and I’m excited to be a part of it.

My slide deck is downloadable from this link: DataDude.pdf

In my presentation I also used some data from a previous post to generate data. That post has detailed information on how to generate sample data, and can be found here:

Thanks to everyone who attended, hopefully after my presentation you’ll have the same passion for Data Dude that I do.