Data Dude Webinar for Pragmatic Works

Just wanted to let everyone know I’ll be doing my first webinar for Pragmatic Works this Thursday, June 9th 2011. It will be at 11 am Eastern time.

I’ll be doing an introduction to “Data Dude”, Visual Studio Database Projects. We’ll cover such things as generating a project from an existing database, using the safe refactoring tools, and generating sample data. There’s no cost, and I hope you can join us live so I can answer any of your questions. If you can’t, then we’ll be recording the session for later viewing. To register, jump on over to our website and register:

If Data Dude isn’t your thing don’t worry, there are lots of upcoming webinars. Next week Brian Knight is doing an intro to MDX session, and Ben Evans will be doing one on Data Driven Website Design. There’s also a nice selection of already recorded past webinars available for instant viewing. And like I said, it’s all free. How cool is that!


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