A New Year, A New Blog Layout

After a few years I decided it was time to update the blog with a new layout. I liked the look of the previous one, but the three-column layout had some limitations.

The center column, where the main content resided, did not give much space for code samples. It was wrapping many lines of code unnecessarily and made it harder to read.

This new format is trimmed down, cleaner, and feels less cluttered. It also provides more space for the code samples, which is the important part.

Happy New Year and hope you enjoy the new format. Feel free to leave any feedback in the comments below.


What’s Old Is New Again: Updating Arcanecode

I realized it has been far too long since I updated the look and feel of the blog. If you’re reading this, you can obviously now see the new look and feel.

Over to the right you can now see my Twitter feed. I post multiple stories daily of interest to the tech community.

I’ve also generated a new “About” page:


On it you’ll find my bio, plus links to all my social media accounts, including my github page where all my code samples now reside.

You’ll also find the link to the Facebook site for my company, Arcane Training and Consulting, where I post stories and discussions on a variety of technical subjects including SQL Server Business Intelligence, PowerShell, Azure, Security, and more.

In addition are links to all my Pluralsight courses, as well as the books I’ve co-authored.

Finally, I’m in the process of creating my own YouTube channels. While Pluralsight will host my long form training courses, ranging from one to six hours, YouTube will have very short videos focused on a specific topic. Ideally 15 minutes max so you can get answers quickly. Stay tuned for more as I get these published.

I did say channels, plural, as I’ve decided to make two YouTube channels. One will host only technical material for subjects such as PowerShell, Azure, SQL Server Business Intelligence, and the like.

The second will host videos for my hobbies, allowing me to post videos of a more personal interest such as Minecraft and Ham (Amateur) Radio. This will make it easier for people to digest the topics of interest to them.

I hope you enjoy the new format, and check back often.

ArcaneCode–Headed your way!

I’ve not done much blogging, as I’ve been swamped with other activities. In addition I’ll be doing quite a bit of speaking, so let me catch you up.

Recently I did a webinar for Pluralsight, “Why you should invest in PowerShell”. If you missed it the recording is now up, take a look, it’s free!


Next, I just completed the first draft of my fifth book, SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services Cookbook. I’m coauthoring with another MVP and great guy, Dinesh Priyankara. The book is available from PACKT Publishing in Alpha form.


I’ll make my debut appearance at IT/Dev Connections next week. I’ll be doing two sessions, the first is on October 11th, 2016: Zero to Hero with PowerShell and SQL Server. We’ll begin with a quick overview of PowerShell, then dive into using it with SQL Server. You’ll see examples of using it for both maintenance and development tasks.

The next day is my second session is “So You Think MDX is Hard?”. This is for people who are new to MDX, and want to learn. You’ll see how to start from no knowledge all the way to building calculated members and sets.

If you’ll be at IT/Dev Connections feel free to come by and say hi, would love to meet as many as possible.

As if that’s not enough, on Saturday October 15th 2016 I will be at the DevSpaces Conference in Huntsville AL. At 4pm I’ll be presenting “High Class PowerShell: Objects and Classes in PowerShell”. You’ll see how to create your own classes using PowerShell. We’ll cover techniques valid in PowerShell versions 3 and 4, as well as see how the new class types in PowerShell version 5 work.

As they say on TV, but wait! There’s more!

On November 1st 2016 I will be coming to Atlanta to the Atlanta SQL Server BI user group. My presentation “Shiny and New: SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services” should be a lot of fun, and introduce you to the new features in SQL Server 2016.

Whew! There’s two more Atlanta based events in Nov/Dec it looks like I’ll be at, once those are finalized I’ll let everyone know.

I’ve also established a GitHub repository for my various samples. You’ll find it at https://github.com/arcanecode. As I move forward I’ll keep this repository updated.

Arcane Training and Consulting, LLC

Well this has been an exciting last few months. I’m finally able to share what’s been happening with me.

As some of you know, I’ve left Pragmatic Works. They went through a reorganization of sorts, and several of us either had our positions eliminated, or as people departed were not replaced. Let me be clear, I have no ill will toward them. This was purely a business decision.

I have to be grateful to them, as through them I gained many new opportunities for speaking, authoring, and the like. In addition I worked with many top level people, who constantly challenged me. I wish them the best of luck in their new business model.

As my good friend Alan Stevens likes to say, “…sometimes getting fired is the best thing that can happen to you”. In my case, it has finally given me the impetus to start my own company, a dream I’ve had for a while.

As Arcane Training and Consulting, LLC, I plan a twofold approach. First, I will continue my passion for training primarily through continuing my videos on Pluralsight. Here I have a suite of ten videos already, with another shortly to follow. If you don’t have a Pluralsight subscription, email me free@arcanetc.com and I will be happy to set you up with a 30 day trial through which you can watch my videos, or those of any of the other awesome authors at Pluralsight.

In addition I will also be setting up a YouTube channel, I’ll post more on that as it comes about. Finally I will be available to do live training, both customized as well as public courses. I’m already scheduled to do a one day precon for an event here in Birmingham Alabama to be held in August, and hope to do more for SQL Saturdays, code camps, and other such events.

On the consulting side, I’m very excited to announce I’ve now become a team member at Linchpin People! I have long admired the company, especially the outstanding quality of the people who work with them. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be part of their team now.

If you aren’t familiar with their model, they are basically a confederation of independent consultants with a top notch sales team. This gives them a pool of outstanding talent to draw from. In addition it gives me, as a consultant, a great team to back me up, people to draw on when I need additional resources for a project. Likewise when they have projects they can pull me in very easily. I see this as a great partnership between Arcane Training and Consulting and Linchpin People.

Finally, I am in the process of wrapping up a new book deal. I can’t say much about it right now, but look for a new tome from the old Arcane Coder to come out sometime around the end of 2016 or early 2017.

If you have any inquires about my training or consulting services, please email me at info@arcanetc.com. With the rush of getting things setup I still haven’t had time to establish a real website, but for now I’ve just updated my company domain of http://arcanetc.com points to my company Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/arcanetc . I’ll revise it once I get a website created.

I’ve also setup a company twitter account of @ArcaneTC. I’ll use this for company announcements like upcoming training, releases of new Pluralisght courses, and the like. Of course you can still follow me at @ArcaneCode.

Thanks for following along, and hope to do business with you in the future!