Fun with Preparedness


I have a confession to make. I’m something of what might be called a prepper. Now, does this mean I believe the government is about to clamp down on everyone, or the zombie invasion is upon us?

No, of course not. But I do live in the southern United States, where we regularly have tornadoes, hurricanes, and (sometimes violent) thunderstorms. We also have some wild temperature swings, as I write this tomorrow’s high is predicted to be 72 F, the low should be 39 F.

As such I’ve taken steps to be ready for weather related emergencies. I have a generator to supply power. My kerosene heater can keep me warm on cold nights when the power is out.

In my car I keep a backpack with a few basic supplies should I be away from home and trapped. Blanket, change of clothes, water, food, some camping supplies. Things that will keep me alive and somewhat comfortable should I need to spend the night in or beside my car, or should I need to hike home or to a safe shelter.

In the spirit of gift giving during the holiday season, I wanted to share not one but two (in no particular order) YouTube channels that have taught me a lot about being prepared.

The Sensible Prepper

The first channel I want to share is The Sensible Prepper. He shows various types of gear you can use to be prepared. Beyond that he also shows how everyday items, such as safety pins, plastic bottles, baking soda and more can be used in ways to get you ready for an emergency.

Here is one example, on using plastic bottles for preparedness.

Corporals Corner

The second channel I’ve learned a lot from is Corporals Corner. His channel is focused more on survival in the outdoors. He teaches how to create a wide variety of survival shelters and demonstrates equipment for staying alive when you are in the outdoors.

In some cases, he uses tents, or in other cases he creates entire shelters from nothing but the raw materials he finds in the woods. Corporal Kelly, USMC, has to be the hardest working YouTuber I’ve ever seen. He also knows more about knot tying than any other YouTuber I’ve ever watched.

Here is a recent video where he tests out an emergency shelter available from Amazon and shows the pros and cons.


I hope you’ll enjoy these channels as much as I do and learn some lessons in preparedness as I have. Even just taking a few simple steps can make the difference between being miserable in a weather-related emergency and coming through it comfortably.


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