Fun with History: The History Guy


In the spirit of the holiday season, I wanted to give a little gift back to you, my readers.

I love history, honestly if I weren’t in tech I would likely have become a history teacher of some kind. For relaxing I read a lot of history books and enjoy a lot of history shows on YouTube as well as other platforms.

The History Guy

One of my favorite YouTube channels is The History Guy: History Deserves to Be Remembered. Several times a week he releases roughly 15-minute videos on some event on history. Many are often little-known events, which cross a variety of areas.

Some of course focus on big events, such as the world wars, or the US Civil War. Others might focus on motor sports, microfilm, or major events such as earthquakes or blackouts. Then there are ones that focus on notable, and some not so notable, figures from history.

The history is global in scale, not just US but events from history around the globe.

The Most Important Invention of the 20th Century

Below I’ve embedded my favorite video from his massive library, on the invention of the transistor. This video touches several areas of interest for me. Obviously, the transistor as it applies to computers, but in addition the advances it made possible in communication which appeals to the ham radio operator in me.


Please take a look, I feel sure you’ll enjoy him as much as I do. Then jump over to his YouTube channel and subscribe, then enjoy many more videos from his library.

Happy Holidays!


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