PASS Summit 2011 Community Choice–I need your help!

Throwing out  call for help from all my friends in the tech community. My “Project Juneau” (next version of “Data Dude") session is up for a community choice slot at this falls SQL PASS summit. Five of the twenty sessions in the list will be picked for slots at this falls PASS Summit.

I would appreciate your help in getting selected! I know there are a lot of great names on the list, and so it’s a tough choice, but if you’ve seen my sessions on Data Dude (Visual Studio Database Projects) you’ll know what a powerful tool it is, and how the changes in the next version will make it even more so.

While you are there, you should also consider sending a vote for a few of my friends and co-workers. Mike Davis and Adam Jorgenson are doing a “SSIS vs T-SQL: Loading a Data Warehouse” session, and  Jorge Segarra (the infamous SQLChicken) is up for “Policy-Based Management in a Nutshell”.

You can vote at: 

Deadline for votes is July 20th, so as the old saying goes “day don’t delay, vote today!”

If you are already a PASS website member voting only takes a few seconds. My session is easy to find, it’s the very first one on the list.

If you’re not a PASS member it’s quick and easy to join. Totally 100% free, just fill in the form and not only will you be able to vote for sweet little old me, but have access to great training videos and other information. And just because you may be a .Net developer don’t overlook the usefulness of good SQL Server resources. Understanding the power of SQL Server can make a huge difference in the performance of your application.

And if all that wasn’t enough to convince you, then I’ll resort to a shameless plea. It just so happens today is my birthday, and a vote for my session would make a great gift. You don’t even have to wrap it!


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