Handy Conference Tip

As you know if you follow me on Twitter, I’m attending DevLink. A thought just occurred to me, thought I’d pass it along as a handy conference tip.

If you plot out your schedule for the day, you can use Twitter to remind you where to go. Just sign up for a Tweet scheduling service (I’m using TweetLater but there are scads of them). Then schedule a tweet for the end of one session that says “Hey on my way to session X in room 999 to see so and so speak”. Now all you have to do is check your own Twitter feed to see where you need to be next!


One thought on “Handy Conference Tip

  1. That’s a good idea! To go one step farthur, you could create a new twitter feed (say @arcaneConfSched) and schedule the tweets with that account. Then you can follow that account with device updates. Then you would get text updates to check upon leaving each session.

    I guess I’m always thinking from the mindset of someone without a smartphone… 😉

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