Podcast Junkie Week – Guilty Pleasures

Most of the podcasts I watch / listen to are related to my work in the computer field. But we all have to have some fun in life, and there are some podcasts I listen to or watch just for that reason, pure fun. Here’s some that will keep you entertained in various ways. Note there are a few that use language considered “not safe for work” (nothing too vulgar but perhaps a bit beyond what some would consider polite conversation). I’ve marked those with “explicit” at the end.

Car Talk – I’ve been a fan of Click and Clack long before the MP3 was invented. They brought their show to the web as a weekly podcast. I find it to be a great parenting tool too. When the kids begin misbehaving during a long road trip, all I have to do is wave my Zune around and threaten to play Car Talk and boy they straighten right up.

Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me – This show takes a humorous look at the week’s news. It blends interviews and a game show like format with regular panelists to provide an enjoyable way to look at the gloom that is normally the headlines.

DiggNation – Don’t ask me why two guys sitting on a couch drinking beer (or hot tea) and talking about the weeks most dugg stories is so fascinating, but it is. I typically set aside Friday evening as podcast night, watch Cranky Geeks, Tekzilla and wrap it up with Diggnation. (explicit)

Carpool – I just discovered this show, and have been quite enjoying it. Robert Llewllyn, better known as Kryten from Red Dwarf, had an innovative idea for a podcast. He picks well known people up and gives them a ride to work. Along the way he interviews them and records it all on multiple cameras. I know it sounds a bit odd, but take a look. I’m surprised myself at how thoroughly I have been enjoying this little show. (some episodes can rate the explicit tag, depends on who he is interviewing. The Stephen Fry episode is quite safe and is probably my favorite so far).

Car Tech – If you love cars, you’ll love Car Tech. See cars through the eyes of a geek.

No Agenda – If you enjoy conspiracy theory, or are amused by it, this is the show for you. Twice a week John Dvorak and Adam Curry will discuss the news in ways you probably haven’t thought of. At the very least it will make you think. (explicit)

Sherlock Holmes Adventures – Old time radio comes alive again as the old time radio shows are reborn as MP3s. These are a great way to relive “the old days”.

This week we’ve looked at a lot of podcasts, but I’m asked “what is the one podcast I should be listening to”. Believe it or not I have an answer for that. And I’ll tell you what it is. Tomorrow.


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