Podcast Junkie Week – The Computer Industry

As a developer I think it’s important to keep up with general trends in the computer industry. They have a direct reflection on what we do. I’ve found a nice selection that are not only informative but also entertaining. I think you’ll enjoy them too.

Buzz Out Loud – I start each day off with this daily CNet podcast. A panel of experts discusses the latest industry happenings in a very entertaining manner. It’s available in both audio and video formats.

PCMag Radio – Each week the editors at PCMag (formerly PC Magazine) get together and cover the weeks hottest topics.

Windows Weekly – Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte cover the latest in all things Microsoft in this entertaining and informative podcast.

Tech5 – John C. Dvorak has been around as long as the PC, each day he delivers his wisdom in 5 minute chunks. John also does a weekly video round up of the news called Top 5 Tech 5.

Cranky Geeks – John Dvorak has another show well worth watching in Cranky Geeks. This weekly half hour show gets John and co-crank Sebastian Rupley together with two industry pundits to discuss the weeks big topics.

TWIT (This Week In Tech) – Every week Leo Laporte assembles a panel of industry experts to discuss the events of the week. The discussion is always lively and interesting.

Tekzilla – This weekly video podcast has Patrick Norton and Veronica Belmont showing off the latest gadgets and answering viewer questions. Not only is the show informative it’s also very enjoyable to watch, they make it quite fun. In addition to the weekly show there is a daily one minute tips cast you can subscribe to.

Data Security Podcast – Security is important to everyone, this show is a weekly news show that covers the latest in security news and views.

GeekBrief – Cali Lewis is a delightful bundle of energy, each day she does a five minute video to show you the coolest and geekest in gadgets. Just plain fun.

Loaded – Also a daily five minute show, but Natali DelConte brings a bit of a different spin to daily tech news. Natali is very professional in her presentation while also being very personable, a tough balancing act but she does it well.

Buzz Report – Molly Wood does a weekly wrap up of the week’s news that is just plain fun. I probably should put this in to a “Guilty Pleasures” category, which is just the very topic we’ll be looking at tomorrow.

That’s plenty to get you started, with this selection you’ll be able to keep up with what’s happening with the computer business. Tomorrow we’ll have some fun!


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