Big Thinkers – Pinal Dave

image I’m devoting this week to “Big Thinkers”. I want to highlight individuals who challenge my thought processes and cause me to think about my profession, my methodologies, and force me to reflect on my skills. Some of these individuals I have the privilege of knowing personally, others I have only known via Podcasts or Twitter. I’m hoping that by highlighting these Big Thinkers you too will be challenged to grow and evolve in your craft. Last week was focused on individuals in the development community, this week will focus on the SQL Server realm. “

Pinal Dave reminds me of that chef who goes “bang” all the time. I first got to know him when I was working on a SQL Server project and doing some things that were new to me. I’d do a web search and “bang”, there came the answer on his blog. Another search and “bang” there was his blog in the top 10 results again. Over and over that day I’d search and “bang” there would be the answer, right on his blog in an easy to read and understand format.

Pinal has to be one of the most prolific writers I’ve seen, his blog SQL Authority is filled with informative, easy to understand articles. I also had the privilege of meeting him at the MVP summit earlier this year, and he has got to be the nicest guy in SQL Server you’ll ever meet. He is also a frequent poster on Twitter at To me he is the embodiment of helpful service, and reminds me to remain humble as I work in the SQL community.

Go ahead, give his blog a try. By the end of the day you too may be thinking “Hey, who needs Books on Line when you have Pinal Dave?”


7 thoughts on “Big Thinkers – Pinal Dave

  1. Pinal is really a nice and humble person. He is not only popular among India. , but there are many foreign authors who read Pinal’s contributions.

    Great to know you as a person and as a nice friend.

  2. “I want to highlight individuals who challenge my thought processes and cause me to think about my profession, my methodologies, and force me to reflect on my skills”

    If you have been forced to reflect on your skills based on the crap Pinal Dave writes you may want to consider a new profession.

    Pinal Dave’s stuff is geared towards absolute beginners. If you’ve been working with SQL Server for more than 6 months you’ve probably outgrown 99% of his posts.

  3. Way to go Robert!

    I have met Pinal in Hyderabad.

    Very down to earth person. No matter how advance is subject. He somehow manages it to make it very simple.

    I understand you Roy too. It is not beginners stuff it is sign of good teacher.

  4. Pinal Dave has touched more life than one can imagine.

    Because of him and his interview questions series, I was able to get job.

    I just want to say big thanks to you Pinal Dave!

  5. He is one most popular person. Look at his smile.

    I have worked for 10 years as DBA but only learned from Dave many things, which I should have learned in my 1st year.

    Great going mate!

  6. I have been reading his stuff for long time – I agree with everybody, he writes complex thing very easy.

    I pray to god that he lives long!

    My English not good, sorry!

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