Windows 7 Programmers Calculator

As I’ve been exploring Windows 7 I ran across a real gem. The newly redesigned calculator. For Windows 7 it’s received a nice face lift, and the previous functionality of standard mode and scientific modes are still there. There’s a statistical mode, but what’s cool for developers is the new programmers mode.


While the .Net Framework saves us from having to deal with a lot of bit math, this will still be useful to many developers. If you haven’t take a look do so, it’s one of the many things I’m looking forward to with Windows 7.


4 thoughts on “Windows 7 Programmers Calculator

  1. Thanks a lot for your conducive help. I have been searching for this for ages in many places. Windows 7 is a wonderful software ever. I know a software called Win7Zilla to tweak Windows 7 effective

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