Step 5 – Guard your credibility

Around 100 BC the Latin author Publilius Syrus wrote “A good reputation is more valuable than money.” 2,900 years later those words are still just as true. Your reputation, including your online reputation is the most important asset you have and you should guard it jealously. An article at states that 25% of HR managers reject applicants due to what they find on their on-line profiles. Sure, it’s OK to have the occasional fun post, or have some humor in your blog, but make sure it’s in good taste. Avoid posting those pictures of you and your friends drinking straight from the keg.

Just as bad as reckless fun can be the rant. Remember not every thought needs to be uttered, or even worse put to the web. One bad outburst, one blog post made in anger can give you the reputation for being a hard to work with hot head. Don’t be “that guy”.

Finally, no matter what remember the web is NOT Las Vegas. What happens on the web does NOT stay on the web. I’ll bet this guy wishes he’d have remembered that.

What was he thinking?


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