SQL Saturday Orlando Full Text Searching Session

On October 25th, 2008 I presented “Getting Started with SQL Server 2008 Full Text Searching” at SQL Saturday in Orlando. First off, I want to apologize to the attendees for taking so long to get this material posted. But I can finally reveal what has been sucking up my spare time lately!

I, along with other MVP’s have been working on something called the SQL Server 2008 MVP book project. Many SQL MVP’s, myself included, volunteered to write one or more chapters for the book. Once published, all proceeds will go to charity. I’m very excited at the opportunity to contribute the chapter on Full Text Searching, which I submitted today. I’ll keep you posted as things progress.

We’re not the first ones to go down this road, Sara Ford is donating the proceeds from her Visual Studio Tips book to supply scholarships for the young folks in the hurricane ravaged town of Waveland MS. I hope you’ll support her efforts as well.

Meanwhile, what you really came for was the links relevant to my talk.

Detailed descriptive material can be found on my blog, ArcaneCode.com, with links to specific posts below.

First off, the slides and sample code can be located at the Code Gallery site I setup specifically for Full Text Searching with SQL Server:


Look on the downloads page to see various projects around SQL Server Full Text Searching. I’ve created one “release” for each of the projects around FTS. Be sure to look on the right side at the various releases in order to see the various projects.

Next, you can get started with the basics by reading these entries on my blog:

Lesson 0 – Getting the Bits to do Full Text Searching in SQL Server 2005
Lesson 1 – The Catalog
Lesson 2 – The Indexes
Lesson 3 – Using SQL
Lesson 4 – Valid Data Types
Lesson 5 – Advanced Searching

After that you’ll be ready for some advanced topics.

Can you hear me now? Checking to see if FTS is installed.
Exploring SQL Servers FullTextCatalogProperty Function
Using the ObjectPropertyEx Function
Using FORMSOF in SQL Server Full Text Searching
Creating Custom Thesaurus Entries in SQL Server 2005 and 2008 Full Text Search
Creating and Customizing Noise Words in SQL Server 2005 Full Text Search
Creating and Customizing Noise Words / StopWords in SQL Server 2008 Full Text Search
Advanced Queries for Using SQL Server 2008 Full Text Search StopWords / StopLists


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