Virtual PC 2007 Step by Step – The Video

Some time back I wrote a post titled Virtual PC Step By Step, which detailed the steps to setup a new machine in Virtual PC. Since we now have a new version (VPC 2007) I decided it was time to update the post. Only now I’ve done it in video form! Yes, Arcane Code is now producing videocasts for the web. This is the first in what I plan to be a series of video content.

Without further delay, here is the video in flash player:

Or you can download the 640×480 WMV version here (about 8.5 megabytes in size):

This is my first, so let me know how this works for you. Still working out various video editing settings, as well as the many options for WordPress. Your feedback will help to improve future productions.


22 thoughts on “Virtual PC 2007 Step by Step – The Video

    1. Hi Your posting was help full.
      I dont have CD/DVD or Floppy drives….
      I have Os dump on my Host system. Please tell me how to install OS on VPC


  1. Thanks for this great work done. I am very thankful for this great effort of yours and it helped me alot , Keep sharing your knowledge.


  2. Great video, I’m so glad you made this, I’v always been very skeptical about doing something like this, now I can’t wait to start on it. …Thank you.

  3. I love hearing the birds in the background. No tracffic, no trains, no kids, no airplanes. just birds.

    1. Depends on your definition of “completely”. You can save the VM and all it’s files on an external USB drive, but you will still have to install the software on your host computer.

  4. Hi, i am a newbie in networking field and trying to know more about it. I just installed VPC in my Window 7 today and also installed Window server 2008 and another Window 7 as guests in VPC. After that, i set NAT for both guests and try to ping from one to another but it ‘s not successful. Do you any suggestion about that ? Thank you very much

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