Huntsville User Group – SQL Server 2005 Full Text Searching

Tonight I’ll be presenting at the Huntsville Users Group “Introduction to SQL Server Full Text Searching”. Here are the materials I’ll be using during the demo.

First, here is a PDF of the PowerPoint slides:

Full Text Search Power Points

Next, most of the demos used SQL statements. This PDF file has all of the SQL plus some associated notes.

Full Text Search Demo Scripts

Finally, I did a WPF project that demonstrated how to call a full text search query from a WPF Windows application. Annoyingly enough WordPress (who hosts my blog) won’t let me upload ZIP files, so I renamed the extension to pdf. After you download the file to your drive, remove the .pdf and put the zip extension back on, then it should expand all the source for you correctly. (Yes, I know, I really need to get a host server for binaries, one of these days I’ll get around to it, but for today…)

Source for WPF Demo

Look forward to seeing you in Huntsville tonight!


2 thoughts on “Huntsville User Group – SQL Server 2005 Full Text Searching

  1. Thanks for coming to Huntsville and giving your talk, Robert. I was very fuzzy on FTS, and you helped me get a much clearer picture of it. Looking forward to seeing you at the Alabama Code Camp.

  2. Thanks Derek, I had a great time. Just got home, but I had four questions pop up I wasn’t sure of the answers to. I’m going to list them here as a reminder to myself to look them up, but I ask for everyone’s patience as I’ll be busy getting my presentations together for Code Camp.

    1. Is there a way to change the separators used to delimit words in FTS?

    2. Is there a way to add your own word combos to be used with “FORMSOF(INFLECTION)”?

    3. In Reporting Services, if you look at a report in it’s native RDL format (basically XML) there’s references to the RDL (Report Definition Language) schemas at Microsoft. The question, does Report Services actually reference the Microsoft website at any time, or are they just for documentation?

    4. This wasn’t so much a question as a request, a young lady requested a sample of an ASP.Net page that used Reporting Services in it.

    As I said next few weeks are devoted to getting ready for code camp, then I should have time to dig into these questions.

    Thanks for a great time, it was one of the most involved crowds I’ve presented to. Lots of great questions, I look forward to coming back!


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