Life in Tinkie Land

My wife wrote a rather long post over on her blog, She detailed her hospital stay from her point of view. I thought the whole thing was rather surreal, although I did think it extremely cool the hospital had free wi-fi. Let me keep myself occupied with my laptop while she slept.

I know I sound like one of those typical husbands when I say this, but I never quite realized how much she dealt with on a daily basis until I tried to do it for her, and hold down my regular job, not to mention taking care of a wife recovering from surgery. Fortunately my work was very nice and let me telecommute last week which made life a bit easier for all of us.

I should probably try and draw some sort of metaphysical parallel between  the whole event and software development, but frankly I’m just glad she’s on the mend and doing much better.


One thought on “Life in Tinkie Land

  1. I, too, am thankful for the wi-fi. Keeping you entertained and busy in a productive way is a good thing! I can just imagine the mischief if you’d been sitting there bored as I napped. No doubt I’d end up with little “extras” such a permanent marker mustache.
    Seriously, My Love, thank you for everything! You made a difficult situation much better. I’ll love you forever!

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