Birmingham Events

I was on the road last week, traveling to various places in the SouthEast. Sure is good to be back home again! Speaking of back home, there are some events coming up in the Birmingham AL area you should know about.

First up is on Tuesday evening, November 6th, TechMixer Unplugged. If you’ve been to previous TechMixer events you’ll find this a bit different. Previous events have had more of an “expo” feel, with vendor booths and presentations. This event, dubbed “Unplugged” is more of a social mixer. A chance for everyone to get together, relax, enjoy some food and have a good time. For more info go to . I’ll be there, hope to see you there.

On Thursday night, November 8th I’ll be speaking at the Birmingham Software Developer’s Association. ( My subject will be SQL Server 2005 Full Text Searching for Developers.

My coworker and new MVP Jeff W. Barnes will be speaking at the Birmingham Dot Net User Group meeting on Tuesday, November 13th. His subject sounds very interesting, WCF and the Programmable Web. See his blog for more info:

Hope to see you at all these great events!


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