SQL Server 2005 Full Text Searching – Getting your Bits

In reviewing my previously published notes on SQL Server Full Text Searching, I realized I omitted an important fact: which versions support it. If you wish to explore Full Text Searching under SQL Server 2005, you cannot use the standard SQL Server Express Edition.

The standard version of Express Edition lacks support for Full Text Searching, along with Reporting Services. Instead you will need to download and install the SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advances Services. This version includes everything you’ll need to experiment and implement Full Text Searching with SQL Server 2005.

You can download this version from Microsoft’s website:


Just look for the area named SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services SP2.

You need to be aware that even with the Advanced Services SP2 version, Full Text Searching is not automatically installed. During the install uncheck the box that talks about hiding advanced configuration features. Then on the appropriate screen change the installer to add FTS to your installed components.

For my previous posts on Full Text Searching, please check out the Arcane Lessons link at the top of this page. Scroll down to the Full Text Search area for links to all FTS related posts.


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