With taking vacation the first week of the month, and having three different user group meetings last week (one of which I presented at) I’ve gotten a little behind in my podcast listening. After work yesterday I was cutting my grass and using the time to finally get up to date on my listening.

I was putting away the mower when last week’s Run As Radio came on my player. You can imagine my shock when all of a sudden I hear Greg and Richard say my name! I’m surprised I didn’t fall over right there in the pile of grass clippings.

Back when they were at Tech Ed I had done a small blog post on the show, which Greg found and you can read at . Greg also sent me a nice e-mail.

I took the time to respond, and then to be honest got busy and forgot about it. So it was quite a rush to hear my message read on the air. To address a few quick points about it…

Yes, I do admit I was simplifying a bit when I talked about server admins/DBA and their domains, but I still feel that it’s the developer who has to glue all of those services together. Don’t overlook those guys though, if you work with them they can be a developer’s best friend. I know at our work place I’ve worked quite closely with the DBA group, they are extremely helpful when it comes to things like database design and optimizing queiries.

I also want to reiterate my point that all developers should have at least a basic understanding of the way other areas of IT work. That’s why I was so thrilled when Pwop came out with Run As Radio, it is a great resource to fill in that gap in my education. Now if we could just get them to do a show on SQL Server!

If you want to listen to the show yourself, it’s show number 14:

Finally I’d like to announce a new feature of the blog, Arcane Lessons. Because of the technical nature of my writing, a lot of topics get broken up over multiple posts, over several days. It can make it a bit difficult to make sure you’ve gotten everything.

To solve that I’ve added a new page I’m calling Arcane Lessons. It lists the topic, then all the posts I’ve done for that topic. Take a look by clicking the “Arcane Lessons” link at the top of the page, or add to your favorites.

Currently I have three up there now, “Getting Started with SQL Server 2005 Full Text Searching”, “Windows Services in C#”, and “Event Logging”. Be sure to check back, I have many more I’ll be adding over the next few weeks such as the “SQL Server Compact Edition” series, or the “Installing Ubuntu under VirtualPC” series.


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