Arcane Fun Fridays: Photographic Podcasts

Readers will know I’m a big fan of digital photography, it’s a hobby of mine I like to relax with. For example, here’s a pic I took in downtown Birmingham (the one in Alabama, not England).

[My Picture!]

I’m also a big beliver in podcasts, I listen to many to educate myself in the .Net world. It occurred to me there’s probably some good photographic podcasts as well, and sure enough I found some good ones. I thought I’d pass along some of the one’s I’ve been listening to, for your listening delight.

The Candid Frame – The host interviews photographers to find out how they got started, their techniques, etc.

Martin Bailey Photography – Martin shares his techniques with us.

Jeff Curto’s Camera Position – Jeff concentrates on the creative side of photography

Tips from the Top Floor – Each week Chris has a new technique for us. You should also check out the forums, they are very active.

Photocast Network – This is a central site for many shows including the ones I’ve listed above. They also have a few other shows I want to check out but haven’t had the opportunity to as of yet.

You should definitely check out the “Focus Ring” episodes. These are shows where the hosts from several of the network’s shows get together on a single podcast to discuss various topics. By far these have been my favorite episodes so far.

There you go, some podcasts to listen to while you’re out playing with that new camera of yours this weekend!


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