Arcane Fun… Saturdays?

Sorry for missing my usual Friday post, I was having ISP issues (which are still unresolved, but I’ve done a workaround for now).

This weekend I’ll be participating in something very geeky, it’s called Field Day. Each year on the fourth full weekend in June amateur radio operators (you may have heard them called “Hams”) get together to practice their emergency response preparedness, fellowship and have a good time.

The idea behind Field Day is for the hams in a community to gather at a single location, setup radios, equipment, run off of emergency power, and generally practice what we would do in case of an emergency. At the same time my local clubs are gathered, other clubs will be gathering in their communities as well. We’ll then get on the air and communicate with each other, exchanging brief messages similar to what we would do in the event of a real emergency.

This preparedness has already paid off, several times. In the days after 9/11 amateur radio was the chief form of communication. More recently, the hurricanes that devastated Louisiana, Mississippi, and parts of Alabama provided a wide scale communications effort. For months it was amateur radio that provided the communications links between emergency responders as well as relief agencies like the Red Cross and United Way.

In this day and age you might be thinking “is amateur radio still around? I thought cell phones and the internet got rid of it?” Not so. Most amateur radio equipment can be setup with a minimum of requirements. A decent 12 volt battery, the radio, and some wire in a tree and the radio operator is in business. The internet doesn’t work so well without power, and the cell phones don’t seem to work to well after a hurricane knocks the cell towers onto the ground.

Community education is the other component to Field Day. Often we gather in public places like parks so that we can be seen by folks driving or walking by. This year my clubs, the Shelby County Amateur Radio Club and the Birmingham Amateur Radio Club are joining forces and will be at Oak Mountain State Park near the fishing lake. I’m sure in your community hams will be gathering too.

If you happen to be out and about and see a bunch of guys bent over radios, wander up and say hello. They’ll be glad to show you around, maybe even let you get on the air. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of picking up a microphone and realizing the guy you are talking to is on the other side of the planet, then realizing the only thing making it happen is the little box in front of you and a piece of wire strung up in a tree! Who needs the internet anyway?


One thought on “Arcane Fun… Saturdays?

  1. Robert,
    Came across your blog from the Birmingham .NET Users Group webpage. I’ve got multiple .NET openings here in town and wanted to talk with you to see if you might be interested, or if you could help me get a message out to the members of the group.


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