Arcane Fun Fridays: Run As Radio

“Hi, my name is Arcane, and I’m a podcast addict. “ I tell the small room full of people.

“Hi.” A crowd of voices echoes back.

“Welcome to Podcast Addicts.” says the group leader. “Tell us about yourself.”

“It’s these podcasts. I just can’t seem to get enough of them. At first it was just listening on the way home from work. Then I started on the way to the office as well. Before long I was listening all the time, grocery shopping, cutting the grass, I’ve even quit watching TV, preferring to improve myself listening to these podcasts instead of frying my brain with yet another mindless sitcom.”

“So, what’s brought you here tonight?” the group leader prompts me.

“Well, it’s those jerks over at Pwop Productions ( ). You know, the same guys who do Dot Net Rocks ( ) and Haselminutes ( ) just to name a few?”

The group leader nods, glancing between me and the crowd, and looking just a bit worried. But since he says nothing, I continue. “Well, they’ve gone and done it again. As if all those great shows weren’t enough, they’ve gone off and created yet another one, Run As Radio ( ).

“Each week Richard Campbell and Greg Hughes talk about things for system admins, hardware geeks, or savvy developers. It’s gotten to where I’ve got podcasts going all the time. My wife says I don’t listen to her anymore, or I think that’s what she’s saying, it’s sort of hard to hear her over the podcasts. She may be saying something about the space aliens trying to eat my meatloaf, but…”

I pause, realizing the crowd is no longer listening to me. In a flurry of headphones and USB connectors they are attacking the computers on the far side of the room, the Run As Radio site flickering as they download past and current episodes to their various media devices. Even the group leader is there, frantically trying to get his Zune to connect to someone.

I smile, and slip quietly out the back door. My work is done.



3 thoughts on “Arcane Fun Fridays: Run As Radio

  1. Hey Now!

    Nice blog. When Run As Radio had mentioned it so I had to check it out. I’m with you, I’ve been additcted to pwop podcasts also.

    Bye for now,


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