Mr. Wizard

TV’s Mr. Wizard, a.k.a. Don Herbert passed away June 12th, 2007 at the tender young age of 89. For decades Mr. Wizard made science interesting and fun. I got into Mr. Wizard in the 80’s when he was on Nickelodeon. And yes even though the show was aimed at kids, I was already in my 20’s. That shows you how good he was, he made a show for kids interesting to young adult geeks.

One of his big themes was making science accessible to everyone, showing how anyone could do science at home. I guess in some way he was a real for runner of the Web 2.0 movement, showing how anyone can do fun science with what they have on hand and not having to rely on some big company. Naturally Mr. Wizard’s on the web, you can view his official site and read more at

My condolences to the Herbert family, the science world is a little dimmer now without Mr. Wizard.


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