SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition – Important Component

In my post on Getting Started with SQL Server ( http://shrinkster.com/nsk ), I mentioned 3 things you need. SQL Server CE, Visual Studio 2005 SP 1, and the SQL Server CE Books on Line. As it turns out there’s an important fourth item.

The missing component is the “Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition Tools for Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1”, available at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=877C0ADC-0347-4A47-B842-58FB71D159AC&displaylang=en or http://shrinkster.com/oam .

This service pack fixes a few things using SSCE with VS, one of them I consider critical. When you do a Project, References from VS, in the .Net list you will now be able to find a selection for System.Data.SqlServerCe.

Second, all of the Create Database dialogs now correctly read “SQL Server Compact Edition” instead of “SQL Server Mobile”. It also updates device CAB files correctly and includes new features such as Click Once support.

This should be installed fourth in your list, so if you’ve already done the other components, you are good to go for installing this. To recap:

  1. Install SQL Server Compact Edition components. (http://shrinkster.com/l9f).
  2. Install Visual Studio Service Pack 1. (http://shrinkster.com/lel )
  3. Install SQL Server CE Books On-line. ( http://shrinkster.com/lem )
  4. Install SSCE for VS SP1, as I’ve described here. ( http://shrinkster.com/oam).

A special thanks to Doug Tunure, our regional MS Developer Evangelist who helped me communicate with the SSCE team to figure out what was missing, and thanks to the SSCE team for a great tool.


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