Arcane Searches

I thought it was time for another round of Arcane Searches. In case you missed the last round, these are some of the search terms users entered into their search engine and managed to run across my blog. I’ll try to pick out a few that seem to occur frequently and answer them. Let’s get started.

ssis package not reading environment variables

There is a policy setting on the server that dictates whether or not the SQL Server job engine can access environment variables.

virtual pc exit fullscreen

To exit full screen mode, use the Right ALT+ENTER combination. Note that the left ALT key won’t work, you must use the right ALT key, with the Enter key.

connectstring SQL compact, connectionstring sql compact edition

These two show up frequently, the connection string for SQL Server Compact Edition (SSCE) is:

Datasource=”C:\MyData\myFile.sdf”; Password=’mypassword’

Note a few things, first the password part is optional. Second, the password must be enclosed in single quotes. Finally, the path to your sdf data file must be in double quotes.

wrap a string in double quotes c#

I’m guessing the search here is how to embed a double quote in a string, that’s easy. Just use a backslash in front of the double quote, and C# will interpret it as a literal character and not a double quote.

string myvar = “Right before he became unconscious, he said \”Yes dear, those pants to make you look fat.\”. “

virtual pc 2007 different ip addresses

Each Virtual PC, be it 2004 or 2007, appears as it’s own PC to the network. Your network hub can’t tell the difference between a virtual machine and a real one, and assigns each machine it’s IP address.

why would I use an interface C#

Why not? OK, sorry, couldn’t resist. Short answer, an interface gives you a way to treat many kinds of objects as if they were all the same kind of object. For example, if you had manager, field worker, office worker, and executive objects, you could have all of the implement the employee interface, then you could treat them all like generic employees to do things like pay, give vacation, etc.

For a more detailed instruction, see my series of posts which begin at or

There you go, a quick selection of the most common searches I found, that were not already answered in my previous blog entries.


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