Visual Studio Add-Ins: DPack

DPack is an add-on I’ve used for quite some time, coming in both VS2003 and VS2005 versions. Available from USysWare ( this add-on has a wide variety of tools including Code Browser, File Browser, Solution Browser, Framework Browser, Numbered Bookmarks, Surround With, Code Navigation, Solution Statistics, and Solution Backup.

Some of the items, like the browsers have some overlap with other tools mentioned already. For example, I find the solution browser from Microsoft (see my previous post) easier to use. However, the DPack browsers add a lot of useful statistics that the other tools don’t.

Surround With is probably the tool I use the most. Right clicking highlighted text and picking Surround With produces a pop up window.

[Picture of DPacks Surround With feature.]

As you can see here, I selected for from the list:

[Pic of Surround With in action.]

Solution Backup is another tool I use frequently. Whenever I reach a milestone in my code, such as completing a bug, I use Solution Backup to take the entire project and save it to a ZIP file.

Take a look at the website, USysWare has some good demonstrations and snapshots of the tools included in the pack. Like the other tools, it’s totally free, so worth adding to your toolkit.


One thought on “Visual Studio Add-Ins: DPack

  1. Awesome Add In, the backup is reallyt useful.

    Could do with a feature for backing up databases with the solution.


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