We interrupt this blog…

Just a quick interruption in the chain on developer tools. I purchase a lot of books every year. A significant amount come from Apress. I tend to like these because they are advanced books, for the most part target to the professional developer. You don’t waste money getting six chapters on how to write “hello world” in every book.

I like buying the print version of books, but doesn’t it always seem like when you need it you’ve left it at home? Recently Apress started doing something really nice. If you owned the print book, you could buy the PDF for 10 dollars (US). This seems like a reasonable price, so I have the convienience of always having the book with me on my laptop.

Unfortunately Apress is only doing the 10 dollar deal for a select few books. The rest they expect you to pay full price for, despite the fact you’ve already bought the print version. So I’m going to do something I’ve never done before: start a crusade.

I recently found out Apress’s head of marketing is a fellow named Paul Carlstroem. What I’d like to get everyone to do is e-mail Paul, and let him know you’d like the 10 dollar deal extended to ALL of their books. If we can get enough people requesting this, I think we could sway him to make a decision that would benefit both Apress and us, the consumers.

Please be polite, I’m sure Paul is a very nice guy, and we want to sway him with logic and reason. More flies with honey and all that.

So please, take a quick moment and e-mail him, paul.carlstroem <at> apress.com (note I’ve tried to mask the e-mail a little, I don’t want the poor guy to get spammed to death). He will return to the office September 1 2006, so if you can get your e-mail done before then we can really make an impact when he returns.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog…


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