Introduction to the SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher – Now Live on Pluralsight

My latest Pluralsight course, Introduction to the SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher, just went live!

The Mobile Report Publisher is a powerful, under-appreciated tool that lets you quickly and easily create reports for not just the web, but for a variety of platforms such as Apple’s iOS and Google Android.

In this course, Introduction to the SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher, you’ll learn to quickly and easily create dashboards for the web, as well as mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

First, you’ll explore how to use the Report Publisher designer to create the layout of the dashboard.

Next, you’ll see how to create datasets and bind them to the dashboard.

Finally, you’ll learn advanced features such as filters to limit the data on the dashboard, as well as drillthroughs to launch a detailed report or web page.

When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of the Mobile Report Publisher needed to create dashboards on multiple platforms.

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Mobile Report Publisher–Dashboards Everywhere

My latest article on RedGate’s SimpleTalk site has just come out: Mobile Report Publisher – Dashboards Everywhere.

In it, I give a quick overview of using SQL Server 2016’s Mobile Report Publisher to create a simple but useful dashboard. Mobile Report dashboards can be assembled easily, and quickly, from SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) Shared Datasets.

Reports generated with Mobile Report Publisher are great, as they can be used on, as the name suggests, mobile devices such as phones and tablets, but on websites as well. They fill the need between a traditional report and those analytic reports created by self service tools such PowerBI.

Using the instructions in my SimpleTalk article, you should be able to create your first, simple report. If that wets your appetite for more, I can offer two additional learning paths.

First, there’s my book SQL Server 2016 Report Services Cookbook. In it I have an entire chapter on the Mobile Report Publisher. Being an entire chapter I had more space to go deeper, and provide instructions on pulling data from multiple sources. I also go into the use of other components in the dashboard. You can find the book on both Amazon and my publisher, PactPub’s website.

The second resource is my Pluralsight course What’s New in SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services. The report gives a great overview of all the new features of SSRS 2016 (and still applicable to 2017). The bulk of the course focuses on the Mobile Report Publisher, but I also cover other new features such as the new Report Portal, and the ability to host KPIs right on the portal, among other features.

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