Fun With KQL – New Pluralsight Course! Kusto Query Language: Scalar Operators


My third course in the Pluralsight Kusto Query Language Learning Path has just been published: Kusto Query Language: Scalar Operators. This course is the third in Pluralsight’s Kusto Query Language Learning Path.

The Kusto Query Language has a rich set of scalar operators. Operators that can be used to transform your data, making the output of your queries easier to read.

In this course, we cover some of the most used Kusto Query Language scalar operators, which will enable you to author effective queries right away.

Some of the major topics that are covered include:

  1. Work with dates and times, including datetime math as well as formatting.
  2. Logic branching
  3. Working with strings
  4. Advanced techniques for working with column data

By the end of the course, you’ll have enough information about scalar operators to write queries with more readable output.

Kusto Query Language: Previous Courses

If you have not seen my previous two courses in the series, you should probably watch those first if you are not familiar with KQL.

The first course, Kusto Query Language: Getting Started, covered the basics of KQL, as well as the user interface.

In the second Pluralsight course, Kusto Query Language: Beginning Operators, I cover some of the most useful of the KQL operators. Using this course you can write effective queries in order to do most of your data retrieval.

The newest course, which I mentioned above, shows how to take your output and format it nicely for a wider audience.

No Pluralsight Subscription? No Problem!

Every good IT organization should have a place for it’s staff to continue their education, and stay up to date with the latest IT subjects. Pluralsight is a great choice, it can be done on demand, has a HUGE catalog of courses, is constantly being updated, and the courses are done by leading IT professionals.

Talk to your boss about it, you’d be amazed at how many things you can get in life just by asking (using a persuasive argument of course).

While waiting for your organization to get approval, there is a way to watch for free. Just go to my list of courses on Pluralsight . At the top is a Try For Free button you can use to get a free 10 day subscription to Pluralsight, with which you can watch my courses, or any other course on the site.


Just a side note for those who subscribe to my posts. Normally I publish on Mondays, but this post was a bit late this week due to wrapping up the course. I’ll probably take next week off of my KQL series and resume the week after.

I hope you enjoy the courses! And stay tuned to the blog, as I will be continuing my ongoing series Fun With KQL.


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